INA Hanger system – Automated & smart, reducing labour costs and time

INA Hanger system – Automated & smart, reducing labour costs and time

INA Hanger system is an overhead storage, transport, and sortation system for fast and easy storage, retrieval, sortation, and consolidation of customer orders. Its dedication to help customers to achieve high efficiency production and management is well-known in the garment manufacturing industry. Let’s learn more about the intelligent and automation INA Hanger system through the article below.

the intelligent and automation INA Hanger system

Outstanding feature of INA Hanger System

INA Hanger System can display work efficiency of each operator during production, in real-time. This enables managers to check the status quo of current production and performance reports of operators.

  • The system can record data such as defective items and the rate of repair and repair completion, so that it allows the management to conduct seamless adjustment and greatly reduces lag time of communicating instructions to increase production efficiency.
  • It has an exclusive jeans/denim processing analyser which could realize a flow of 85% cut-pieces into the hanger system. Through system automation, it can produce classification by colour or size. It also tracks and calculates employee’s wages in real-time.
  • With the feature of classification by colour or size, it is possible to produce multiple designs, colours and sizes at the same time and on the same production line. This resolves the issue of low quantity orders as the feature is versatile to different sewing techniques and specifications.
  • It is equipped with remote access features that allow the management to view current and archived data of the production, in real-time, even if they are not at the production plant.
  • Ina hanger system has LED screens to provide production data at every moment. It can also be viewed via remote access for better management and monitoring of the plant.

the intelligent and automation INA Hanger system

How the INA Hanger System works

  1. Worker loads the pieces in a hanger from the loading station
  2. The hanger routes to the next station
  3. Product is put together at every stage at each subsequent sewing station
  4. Product gets checked at the quality & control station (in line)
  5. Product continues to be pieced together at the next subsequent stations
  6. Final product gets checked and approved
  7. Approved product lands at the unloading station
  8. Empty hanger returns to the loading station

the intelligent and automation INA Hanger system

Benefits when using INA Intelligent Hanger System

  • Automated transportation of assembly parts significantly reducing labour costs and time
  • Drastic reduction in throughput time by up to 95% due to the elimination of transportation, bundle and handling time as each assembly part is automatically sent to the next operator
  • Reduced work-in-progress results in uninterrupted workflow
  • Huge reduction in excessive work
  • Reduces sewing time by 50% and above
  • Lower work-in-progress means little or no spending on inventory in advance
  • Clean, neat and organised work production reduces the need for cleaning and ironing
  • Improved workers’ welfare and productivity through a consistent and smooth workflow
  • Very short delivery and response time
  • Accurate quality control and tracking at every stage of the productionReal-time tracking and record of each worker’s performance and productivity easily meets buyer’s compliance requirements
  • Effective resource distribution based on worker’s performance accurately tabulated over time
  • Workers can log-off and shift workers log-in easily since production is calculated automatically
  • Easily handles multiple designs, small and huge orders

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