Ina Intelligent Hanger System

Ina Intelligent Hanger System


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Ina Intelligent Hanger System

The basic concept of the INA intelligent hanger system is to hang the cut pieces of the whole garment on the hanger. According to the operation and work section entered in advance, the system automatically delivers the hanger to the operator of the next operation according to the corresponding production process route, which greatly reduces the time of non-production such as handling, binding, and folding. When the production staff finishes a process, they only need to press the control button, and the hanger system will automatically transfer the hanger to the next operation station. The software of the hanger system will automatically record the production data and relevant product information of the staff and make statistics at the same time.

Ina Intelligent Hanger System

Ina Intelligent Hanger System

INA Intelligent Hanger System is an intelligent clothing production line based on intelligent and digital equipment. It uses a computerized intelligent management system to cooperate with enterprise production data, management software, electronic technology, RFID radio frequency technology, and advanced mechanical transmission technology. The use of a single assembly production mode, can significantly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, the product quality, and the production management level, as well as reduce the labor cost and management cost of enterprises, improve the profitability of enterprises.Ina Intelligent Hanger System

The latest generation of INA intelligent hanger system, together with the IPMS system that independently developed by INA, can realize multi-point delivery, quick grouping, and other functions to reduce the waste of time in station arrangement. Cloud data interconnection is more accurate, which can refresh the information of orders, materials, and processes required for production in real-time so that all departments can control the relevant production data at any time and realize comprehensive information updates. Help enterprises improve the quality of management.

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