LENSH Intelligent Mouth Rip Machine LS-7051

LENSH Intelligent Mouth Rip Machine LS-7051

  • Merging 2 processes into 1
  • Reduce cycle time from 18~25s/pcs to 3.5s/pcs
  • Save labor, 1 operator can control 3 machines
  • Nonskilled workers required
  • Stabilize line out (shape, size)
  • Description


Intelligent Mouth Rip Machine LENSH LS-7051

Ribs or Cuffs are an indispensable part of Hoodies, Sweater Shirts, Sport Pants. The cuff or ribbing servers to main objectives:
1. Helps retain body heat that would otherwise escape out the open ends of the sleeves or prevent a chilly breeze from blowing up an open cuff when you reached for something.
2. Without a ribbed cuff to keep the fabric clinging to the wrist, the end of the sleeves would constantly be getting bent back and pushed up every time you tried to put on a jacket or coat. In short order, the cuff would look deformed and unsightly.

Garment factories that produce Hoodies, Sweater or Sport Pant usually use the traditional method below:

Single needle or overlock sewing – Manual-folding process.

This process will take the operator around 18 to 25 seconds for 1 rib which is not only very slow but also the quality and alignment are not in good shape.

After studying the process and recognize those disadvantages, Intelligent Mouth Rip Machine LENSH LS-7051 was designed to combine 2 processes into one, creating a faster and more stable process.

Advantages of Intelligent Mouth Rip Machine LENSH LS-7051:

⭐Merging 2 processes into 1
⭐Reduce cycle time from 18~25s/pcs to 3.5s/pcs
⭐Save labor, 1 operator can control 3 machines
⭐Nonskilled workers required
⭐Stabilize line out (shape, size)

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