Jaten Inertial (Spot) Navigation AGV

Jaten Inertial (Spot) Navigation AGV

Inertial navigation, a trackless navigation technique developed by Jaten, is using gyroscope and magnetic pin to locate accurately. It can transport 2.5t material IP53 protection design, able to work outdoor for all-weather condition Applied in automobile, appliance and electronics industries in large scale.

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Jaten inertial navigation AGV “Bumblebee” and magnetic navigation AGV “White Dolphine” won the Red Dot Design Award, which means forms and function really comes together beautifully and we are proud to be recognized by the jury.

This year has been the tenth year since Jaten began to develop AGV. The award bodes very well for us. We will still devote to developing more and more high-quality porducts, offering reliable intelligent material delivery systems and solving practical problems for customers.

Jaten Inertial (Spot) Navigation AGV

Jaten Inertial (Spot) Navigation AGV

Optical fiber gyro

Outdoor laser obstacle avoidance sensor

High-performance steering wheel motor and driving unit

Wireless serial device server

Dual encoder

IP53 Protection Design

2.5t loading capacity

Successfully applied in Huawei, Comfort Seating, etc.

2015 CHINA CESA 1st Prize

2016 German Red Dot Design Award

2016 Hannover Messe exhibited product

Dimension L1800×W1080×H1480mm
Type Towing
Navigation inertial
Driving  Mode one-way (automatic or manual)
Rated Load 2500kg
Speed automatic 10-42m/min;
manual 10-54m/min
Grade Ability <5°
Turing Radius ≥1200mm
Battery DC48V, 100AH
Typical Application Huawei

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