Cosma Automatic Spreader Venus Series

Cosma Automatic Spreader Venus Series


Available spreading width: 150~350 cm

Fabric weight: 120 ~300 kg (depends on model)

Lay height: 25cm

Roll diameter: 70cm

Maximum speed: 125m/min

Voltage: 220V 1PH -50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 3Kw

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Cosma Automatic Spreader Venus Series: Venus 120/300/ Tubular/ Home Textile

Cosma Automatic Spreader is the solution to spread fast with accuracy on every kind of materials from High elastance to Denim, able to handle different materials in apparel, automotive, upholstery, and technical textile industries.

Venus Series is dedicated to spreading rolls of flat folded knitwear, sportswear, or woven fabrics in open width or zig-zag ways. The user-friendly software onboard the machine enables the operators to set up different parameters and spreading profiles according to the fabric types.

Cosma Automatic Spreader

Technology advantages:

1/ Data Collecting System (DCS)

Your data will be collected on such as operation hours, idle time, fabric usage, wastage, lay info, ply number, ply high,… and can be linked with your ERP system

2/ Fabric Saving

With special sensors attached inside the machine, Venus Series brings the perfect alignment to your ply, also helps you to save fabric on marker end, overlap rolls, and splice control.

Cosma Automatic Spreader

3/ Marker Project System (MPS)

The special function of Venus is the Marker Project System which will display a true marker 1:1 ratio on each layer.

Defects area can be spotted right away to determine removal or not, which is also help you to save more fabric

Cosma Automatic Spreader

4/ Real-time Report

Venus system support user to generate a real-time report for better management!.

Cosma Automatic Spreader

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