the intelligent and automation INA Hanger system

INA Hanger system – Automated & smart, reducing labour costs and time

INA Hanger system is an overhead storage, transport, and sortation system for fast and easy storage, retrieval, sortation, and consolidation of customer orders. Its dedication to help customers to achieve high efficiency production and management is well-known in the garment manufacturing industry.

cutting equipment - cutting machine in the cutting room

What is cutting room in apparel industry?

In a garment manufacturing factory, the cutting room is a section or department where the fabric cutting process is performed. For making readymade garments, garment components or parts are cut from the textile fabrics using industrial equipment. In mass production, a garment factory needs to cut thousands of garments [...]

Cotton Fabric

What Is Cotton Fabric? 16 Different Types of Cotton Fabric

What Is Cotton Fabric? Cotton fabric is one of the most commonly used types of fabrics in the world. This textile is chemically organic, which means that it does not contain any synthetic compounds. Cotton fabric is derived from the fibers surrounding the seeds of cotton plants, which emerge in [...]

What is Woven Fabric

What is Woven Fabric? What are the Different Types of Woven Fabric?

Fabrics are either knit or woven. These two types differ in almost everything; how they’re made, whether they wrinkle, how much they’re likely to stretch, and whether they shrink or fray. Knowing the type of your fabric allows you to care for it properly before and after you’ve executed an elegant [...]

How is denim fabric used?

What is denim fabric? All information about denim fabric

What is denim fabric? Where did this fabric come from, and why has its popularity endured unabated throughout the decades? We’ll dive into all these questions and more as we tell you everything you need to know about denim fabric.     I. What Is Denim? Denim is a strong cotton [...]

C-Tex Relax Machine

Functions of Cutting Department in Garment Industry

The cutting department is responsible for cutting fabrics and feeding the sewing department with cuttings. The cutting department’s capacity is planned based on the daily feeding requirement of the sewing lines. The cutting department is set up with a cutting department head, cutters, spreaders, quality checkers and helpers for [...]

pre-production processes

What is pre-production processes (PPA processes) in Garment Manufacturing?

What is pre-production processes (PPA processes)? Pre-production process is planning that is done prior to the bulk garment production. That includes samples development and approvals, sourcing and testing raw materials, garment costing, pattern making and process planning. Efficient production can’t be reached without the pre-production processes. Production preparation processes are [...]


Ministry extends period selecting prestigious exporters 2019

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has extended the period of selecting prestigious exporters for 2019 until May 30, one month later than the schedule of April 30 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ministry has announced this extension to ministries, sectors, the Việt Nam Chamber of [...]


Enterprises face shortage of workers after easing of social distancing measures

HCM CITY — Enterprises in the southern provinces of Việt Nam that have resumed operation after the end of the social distancing period are facing a shortage of workers. Phạm Oanh, whose hometown is in Thừa Thiên-Huế Province, has been a construction worker in the southern provinces for about 10 [...]